Side Table 
Concrete . Stainless Steel . Glass


ZAR 9 123.95

450 mm (W) x 450 mm (H)

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The Core Collection was born out of the idea of expressing a material in a different light. After taking a concrete core from a building site that would normally be considered waste, I realized that the simple process of core drilling could actually create something manicured and desirable. Through the process of core drilling, a positive piece of concrete is created and a negative cylindrical hole is left in a surface plane.

“I loved the idea of creating a shape through the method of reduction, rather than the use of a mould because it brings out the honest nature of concrete. I want to see imperfections and blemishes, that is where the beauty lies.”

 The common thread between the pieces of the Core Collection is the use of an over-sized concrete base, shaped in various ways to support a light and more refined top. The use of different materials creates a conversation between each of them; the juxtaposition of heavy and light, positive and negative, and the floating shapes that have been designed to strike the right balance.