Core Collection





Core is the debut collection from Oliver Whyte which was born out of the idea of expressing a material in a different light. Concrete was chosen because it has so much inherent beauty in it, that usually goes unnoticed.

Core drilling allows a cross section into the heart of concrete, exhibiting this beautifully raw material with stones and complex chemical reactions taking place inside. The objects will have variations such as tiny holes or indents where stones have fallen out – everything that makes up the true DNA of concrete, giving it it’s energy and celebrating its faultless imperfections.

There are five functional objects in the collection, where the focus is always on the robust concrete base, allowing it to be and never trying to change or resist it. Each piece is shaped in various forms, to support a light more refined top, which starts a conversation between the visually different materials.

Each time is always different, you never quite know the result which makes each one unique. There are some things you cannot really control, which helps to teach you to let go and trust the material

* Each piece is meticulously handmade by master artisans one piece at a time, which makes it impossible to make identical items. Any variations, natural blemishes or chips should not be misconstrued as flaws, and are what make each handmade piece unique.

*Photography by Stan Kaplan