CUSP Exhibition

Free Standing Shelf

130 L x 50 W x 220 H cm

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CUSP was conceived by multidisciplinary ceramicist Jan Ernest and House & Garden’s Editor in Chief Piet Smedy as a platform to elevate the exceptional work of functional designers into the collectable art space – and to act as a meeting point between the country’s leading designers and an audience of discerning collectors, investors and lovers of fine design.

Just a Shelf is a free standing shelf that asks the question of what a shelf could look like, not should look like. The piece is created around the idea that function should follow form, tipping the scales towards imagination to allow the piece to be more than just it’s function.

A basic frame is constructed in wood and then the ‘flesh’ is added on, without any certain idea of the finished form, each cut mark informs the next, always referring back to the initial sketch which forms the only road map to work towards. A combination of smooth and textured surfaces, that twist and turn that grabs yours eyes and takes it all over the object and finished off in subtle hues of colour to inject some fun into the piece.